A satisfied customer is the best strategy

Kedex was awesome to work with! We needed a package hotshot from Jacksonville Amazon Facility to Houston Amazon Facility and it was a very smooth transaction. Great communication and pricing was agreeable! We will definitely be calling them again for our hotshot needs!

Sofia G. Paul


 am extremely pleased with the service that our company received. Kevin first communicated with another employee from my company. I was then given Kevin’s contact information and quote. Within the hour, everything was all set up, and within less than 2 hours – the item was picked up from the warehouse and on its way to the customer. Kevin was very professional, thorough in his communication, and very friendly and pleasant to speak with on the phone. I will definitely be doing business with them again in the future!!

Jane Doe


We were very pleased with the performance of this company. Our urgent order (over 200 miles) was delivered same day in the time frame they committed themselves to. We highly recommend this very competent company to anyone.

Conagra Brands