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Every day, millions of packages and pieces of freight are shipped across the world – but only one is important: Yours. As the daily demands of business and the pace of competition continue increasing, you need a logistics partner who can keep up with the times. The answer is  Silver Wave Logistics. Whether you are shipping your first freight load or your one-thousandth, Kedex Express provides superior air freight, air charter, and ground expedited freight services throughout the world. Kedex Express specializes in air freight, warehousing, ocean/sea freight, road freight pet shipping expedited delivery services. Hence, we handle your freight shipment through the entire logistics chain – from the first mile to the last mile.

Strong logistics are the key to shipping.  Silver Wave Logistics Services unlocks this competitive advantage through its experienced expediters, business longevity, relationships in the industry, advanced freight tracking technologies, and an extensive network of vehicles and airline partners.
As a premier expedited delivery service, Silver Wave Logistics Services ensures your shipping success with these critical components:

Safety – Supplies and finished products must arrive in perfect condition
Speed – Through multiple transportation channels across the country, seamlessly
Accessibility – With dedicated 24/7/365 customer service and detailed freight tracking information, regardless of the size of your cargo
Convenience – Request shipping via phone or online with easy, straightforward instructions and understandable terms and conditions
Economical – Ship your freight without breaking the bottom line by selecting from an extensive suite of services to fit your budget.

In business, it’s not just what you know, but who you know. 


What We Do?


We are dedicated to the cause of providing our clients with all their warehousing, distribution, and consolidation needs at all airports and sea ports in the USA. We offer our clients a plethora of one-stop supply chain services to choose from

Air freight

Need a one-stop solution for your international air freight and forwarding needs, whereas a faster, safer, and cost effective way to ship and track your cargo by air to anywhere across the globe? Look no further than Silver Wave Logistics Services.


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